Keri Hilson in Nigeria

The singer came into the country yesterday. She's here for the Face of Sofa Lounge 2012 event which will take place today in Abuja. Who ever wins the contest today will get a brand new MG 350 Rover, N1.2million cash and a 7-day all expense paid trip to the UK. Second prize $4, 000 cash plus a trip to the UK, 3rd prize $3, 000 and a trip to the UK. Will bring you pictures from the event.

Lionel Messi's two weeks old son, Thiago Messi, has been signed by an Argentine football club

Thiago Messi

Lionel Messi's two weeks old son, Thiago Messi, has been signed by an Argentine football club - Newells Old boys. Newell’s was where Messi played at youth level before joining Barcelona.

Baby Thiago, who was signed by his grandfather, is eight years younger than when his old man joined them in 1995.

You know, Thiago might grow up and want to be a plastic surgeon, so Newells needs to chill.

Make-up wonder!!!

My friend who does make up put this on her DP, but I find it hard to believe that it is the same chic. My friend swears its the same. Can make-up really do this amount of wonders? If it does, then any lady I'm gonna ask out go need wash face first o, make I for dey sure. Lol. The power of make up. Na im we take dey confuse men! Haha!

I suspect that one of my kids is not mine

I have three kids but I have often suspected that one of them is not mine. The middle child looks nothing like me or the other children. He's different in every way, even character wise. Should I confront my wife about it or should I do a secret DNA test without her knowledge? I have spoken to a good doctor friend of mine about a possible DNA test and he says it can be carried out without her knowledge. I started off joking about it, but now I'm almost convinced he's not mine. I need answers so I don't raise another man's child as mine.

Actress Nkiru Sylvanus loses her appointment as special assistant to Imo State Gov

I heard from very reliable sources that actress Nkiru Sylvanus has lost her appointment as the special assistant to governor Rochas Okorocha on Lagos Matters. Yes, there's a position like that! :-)

The Abia state born actress had been battling several people since her appointment last year, who felt  she didn't deserve the position as a non-Imo state indigene and also because they felt the appointment was meaningless and unnecessary as they didn't understand her job specification.

They also felt she got the appointment because of her 'friendship' with the governor and not because she knew anything about running a public office. These people worked tirelessly to get her out of government house, and if what I'm hearing is correct, they've succeeded.

AI Judges, Nicki Minaj & Mariah Carey Fight Caught on Tape (Video)

You've heard rumours that Nicki Minaj and Mariah Carey are not best of friends on the set of American Idol, right? Well, the rumours are true. The AI set had to be shut down in North Carolina on Tuesday after Nicki Minaj blew up on Mariah Carey and it was all caught on tape... According to Mouth to Ears this is what happened, Nicki Minaj walked off set because Mariah Carey kept making jabs at her. Nicki’s manager and team convinced her to come back to the show. Mariah kept at it and called Nicki a bitch and then proceeded to cuss her out. Producers had to stop filming and call it a night.

Chris Brown and Rihanna Go Public: Party Together

Chris Brown and Rihanna partied together at a New York nightclub late Monday night. According to TMZ, the ex-couple arrived 5 minutes apart, and quickly ended up at the same table. Sources inside the club said the two were all over each other, kissing and hugging out in the open and even disappeared together in a bathroom for 20 minutes.

Chris and Rihanna left the club separately, but hours later, Chris was spotted leaving the Gansevoort Hotel, where Rihanna was staying. Poor Karrueche!

Treat your girl right, Karrueche says

Karrueche is Chris Brown's soon-to-be ex girlfriend...:-). If your man leaves you at home to watch the VMAs on TV, then he sure needs to 'eat you right!' :-)

World's fastest man Usain Bolt set for Manchester United debut

It seems Usain Bolt's dream of playing for Manchester United football club is about to come true. Man U boss Sir Alex Ferguson revealed yesterday that the world's fastest man could make an appearance for the club in a friendly match against Real Madrid next season. Ferguson told Inside United magazine: 
"Usain’s a character and a big United fan. It's interesting he says he'd like to play in a charity game. It could be brilliant, and next year when we play Real Madrid's Legends again, there could be opportunities to bring him up and see how he does."

How long is a 'long enough' courtship

From a LIB reader:
I met my fiancee/boyfriend in July this year and we would be getting married by end of october or december this same year (not decided yet) we have both met the parents and we are planning our wedding. And am certain in my heart that he is 'the one' and he also feels the same. But when people ask how long we have known, I know it'll be absurd to them when they hear the short duration. But does the courtship duration really determine how successful the marriage will be?

'I didn't kill my wife' - Rich Oganiru tells his own side of the story

This took a while to type, but you are all worth it...:-). In a telephone conversation with Charles Nwagbara of High Society Magazine, the actor accused of poisoning his wife and selling off her property said he's 100% innocent and that the false stories were planted to defame his character. He told the magazine his own side of the story. See it below
According to him, his late wife took ill over five months ago and was battling fibroid. He explained that they opted for some kind of treatment supervised by German doctors which will prevent normal surgery. But to his dismay, the fibroid kept growing back and causing his wife more pain. Later, they  decided to go spiritual and moved from Abuja to Prophet TB Joshua's synagogue in Ikotun where the prophet gave them emergency appointment based on his personal recognition.
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Pan African Designer from Tanzania, Mustafa Hassanali laumnched his new collection

Pan African Designer from Tanzania, Mustafa Hassanali laumnched his new collection on 1 September during  the 2nd Edition of The Colour in the Desert Fashion Week 2012 in Gaborone

This Collection  named Pink Desert Collection which consists of Mustafa Hassanali |signature Gown but also some pieces of ready to wear and men’s wear that summates the vast richness of this collection by addition of vintage buttons and zips.

The collection was launched at an opportune moment just as we nearing the month of October which is globally known for breast cancer Awareness.

“I shall use this collection also to advocate Breast Cancer Awareness and the need for every woman to self examine themselves. To think and wear Pink is to be aware of Breast Cancer, a reality which has been the cause of leading cause of death in women.” Concluded Hassanali

Kim K bashed on Twitter for comparing herself to Aaliyah

Kim posted the photo on the right on her Twitter page with the caption 'Aaliyah hair today'...and the bashing started. One person wrote: ‘Ew do not compare yourself to an amazing, beautiful talented singer/actress who is a Angel!! #NoComparison’

Amber Rose is really pregnant. (Photos)

Amber Rose and fiance, Wiz Khalifa are expecting their first child. A glowing Amber was photographed yesterday rocking her baby happy for her! 

Mario Balotelli set to undergo eye surgery

Manchester City coach confirmed to reporters today that the 22yr old Italian striker is no longer able to wear contact lenses and requires immediate surgery to correct his Myopia. Myopia is commonly known as shortsightedness.
'Mario is not ready to return to the pitch yet. He no longer seems to tolerate contact lenses. He's feeling alright now, but the problem can return anytime'- the coach told reporters
The surgery is set for Sept 4th.

D'banj spotted with Adama Indimi

I hear they are just good friends, but some people think they are more than that! D'banj likes his women friends really beautiful! Genny, Nadia, Adama...etc..hehe!

Adama Indimi is the daughter of billionaire business man and Babangida's inlaw, Maiduguri-based Oriental Energy Resources chairman, Alhaji Mohammed Indimi. Her sister Rahama Indimi is Mohammed Babangida's first wife. Adama is a student of Lynn University, Florida.